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Hedge Cutting

About Our Hedge Cutting Service

Our hedge cutting service includes trimming and cutting all types of hedges including privet, conifer hedges, English Yew tree hedges, mixed native hedging, beech, box and cherry laurel hedging.

Our specialists are able to shape and maintain plants whether they are used for low hedges and edging or dense evergreen shrubs.

We can also prune trees whilst at your home making your garden care as cost – effective as possible. We require no deposits, clear all waste and debris away (with natural waste recycled wherever possible) and only ask for payment on completion of the work.

We can also discuss with you whether your hedges are fit for your preferred purpose. For example are thorns an ideal intruder deterrent or are they not desired as they can scratch children or pets. Where hedges are not required or desirable they can be removed completely.

For more details or a quote please contact us today!

Before conifers hedge cut
Hedge Cutting Before
After conifers hedge cut
Hedge Cutting After